Children of Men – Confusion on Confusion on Confusion

Children of men is quite the fascinating film. The premise is very interesting while it is also visually stunning. The main character remains with some level of mystery throughout the film as we wonder why he drinks so much and is such a politically driven person when his friends are so anti-government. The long 1-ers make the film very pleasing to watch and give you a sense as if you are there with the people watching it all happen right before your eyes. What I wonder when watching this is what is Luke’s motivation for ruining everything? He’s such a douche in this movie and its very clear that Julian’s cause is the better cause because it fights for everyone’s rights and not just the uprising’s cause, but Luke had to go and kill her to get his side on the upper hand. I was confused on how people couldn’t just be mesmerized that a baby was just born after 18 years and not try to use it for their gain. The selfish side is the losing side.

Also, does the fact that there has been a baby born mean that women will no longer be infertile, or is this one occurrence just a miracle? If so, if women aren’t infertile anymore, does that mean that the world would just go back to normal? Because the film makes it seem as though the problem that caused the downfall of society was infertility. So does the infertility fix mean that everything will be fine and dandy and the immigrants will go back to their home countries and just start over? Also how does the infertility of people cause the downfall of the world? I am just confused by this film even though I enjoyed it a lot.


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