Children of Men – Confusion on Confusion on Confusion

Children of men is quite the fascinating film. The premise is very interesting while it is also visually stunning. The main character remains with some level of mystery throughout the film as we wonder why he drinks so much and is such a politically driven person when his friends are so anti-government. The long 1-ers make the film very pleasing to watch and give you a sense as if you are there with the people watching it all happen right before your eyes. What I wonder when watching this is what is Luke’s motivation for ruining everything? He’s such a douche in this movie and its very clear that Julian’s cause is the better cause because it fights for everyone’s rights and not just the uprising’s cause, but Luke had to go and kill her to get his side on the upper hand. I was confused on how people couldn’t just be mesmerized that a baby was just born after 18 years and not try to use it for their gain. The selfish side is the losing side.

Also, does the fact that there has been a baby born mean that women will no longer be infertile, or is this one occurrence just a miracle? If so, if women aren’t infertile anymore, does that mean that the world would just go back to normal? Because the film makes it seem as though the problem that caused the downfall of society was infertility. So does the infertility fix mean that everything will be fine and dandy and the immigrants will go back to their home countries and just start over? Also how does the infertility of people cause the downfall of the world? I am just confused by this film even though I enjoyed it a lot.


Wall-E – The End of the World is Imminent

Wall-E imagines our world after a wasteful people fill it with a bunch of garbage. The planet gets abandoned because of it and Wall-E is left on earth. My realization with this film is that the end of the human race living on earth is imminent. If the garbage problem didn’t catch up to them then I think that something else would have. Later in the film, we see Otto try to take control of the ship, one could argue that Otto has had control of it throughout it’s entire journey. Otto comes pretty close to taking control over the ship and he would have done it if it weren’t for the rest of the “dysfunctional” that helped. Basically the robots are what control the outcome of this film. So if the robots control so much, wouldn’t you think that if the garbage didn’t catch up to the humans, then the robots would eventually take over? I mean each human is obese and can barely walk as it is, they would have no way of defending themselves against a raging robot so how would they stop an overtaking?

Even if the humans did stop the robots from taking them over, the end of the world would still be pretty near. They seem quite incapable of doing anything for themselves. At the end of the film the humans get back to earth, but the would die off shortly because they have no idea how to live for themselves. The captain of the ship, one would assume that he would be one of the smartest because he has the fate of the human race quite literally at his fingertips, says that they can plant things and grow pizza. The human race is doomed in this film regardless of the precautions taken to survive.

Snowpiercer – Is Curtos actually a leader?

Snowpiercer is pretty much everything that I want in a film. I love the action, the mystery, the dystopian world, and the twist. I can honestly say that this is one of the best movies that I have seen. Throughout the film, we see Curtis on his journey to stop the tyrannical leader that is Wilford. Curtis struggles to have a leader and moral values for people other than the ones at the back of the train, because they have been put through so much hell. Curtis is a good guy but he is very malleable. By this, I mean that he is influenced and pushed by people of higher powers. Rather than remaining in a calm and cool state, he lets others words just drive him to make decisions that he should think about first. He tries to push through the train as quickly as possible rather than establish a plan each time he accesses a new car. He wants to get to the front of the train so badly but doesn’t think after he gets out of the tail section. He takes everyone’s word about what goes on in the train without hesitation and he seems to trust everyone. With all of this being said, would Curtis have been as good of a leader as we all thought when watching the film? We see him almost give up his entire cause when he gets into the engine room, so what makes us think that all would be fine and dandy if he didn’t listen to everyone? If it wasn’t for finding little Timmy inside the floor of the engine room, I don’t think that Curtis would have turned down Wilford’s offer of taking over his position on the train.

World of Tomorrow

So I have seen this short quite a few times throughout the past year. I had heard it was a big deal at Sundance and I wanted to get to see it for myself. After watching it the first time, I was kind of confused. I understood the plot and what was going on but I felt like there was some deeper meaning to the film and I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. After I watched it the second time, I thought that the meaning was found in the parts where Emily is explaining to Emily Prime about how she fell in love with a rock, a gas pump, and with Simon. I thought that Don Hertzfeldt used this to explain previous relationships that he had been in, which he very well could have. But after watching it this most recent time, I think that the greatest meaning of the film lies in the section where Emily is extracting the memory of “me and mommy walking” from Emily Prime.

Emily says that the memory will bring her great comfort. She says that she has lived a sad life and that she has felt a deep longing for something that she can’t quite remember. This longing that she feels, I think, is a longing for the memory of her and mommy walking. Emily then goes on to say that after all of it, she will have the same fate as the rest of the human race, “dying horribly”. After realizing that she will not have a pleasant future, Emily has come back to retrieve the memory because it give her comfort for the horrible death that is imminent. The only question that still remains to me is, why this Emily? She could have travelled back and spoken to any Emily that still had the memory, why this one in this exact moment?