Snowpiercer – Is Curtos actually a leader?

Snowpiercer is pretty much everything that I want in a film. I love the action, the mystery, the dystopian world, and the twist. I can honestly say that this is one of the best movies that I have seen. Throughout the film, we see Curtis on his journey to stop the tyrannical leader that is Wilford. Curtis struggles to have a leader and moral values for people other than the ones at the back of the train, because they have been put through so much hell. Curtis is a good guy but he is very malleable. By this, I mean that he is influenced and pushed by people of higher powers. Rather than remaining in a calm and cool state, he lets others words just drive him to make decisions that he should think about first. He tries to push through the train as quickly as possible rather than establish a plan each time he accesses a new car. He wants to get to the front of the train so badly but doesn’t think after he gets out of the tail section. He takes everyone’s word about what goes on in the train without hesitation and he seems to trust everyone. With all of this being said, would Curtis have been as good of a leader as we all thought when watching the film? We see him almost give up his entire cause when he gets into the engine room, so what makes us think that all would be fine and dandy if he didn’t listen to everyone? If it wasn’t for finding little Timmy inside the floor of the engine room, I don’t think that Curtis would have turned down Wilford’s offer of taking over his position on the train.


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