What’s special about World of Tomorrow?

After watching World of Tomorrow, I felt myself asking “Was this really worthy of an oscar nomination?” It was an enjoyable short, but not one that I would say is much better than countless other short videos I watch like it on Youtube. The animation just felt lacking in a way to me, and if someone had told me this was made by some random dude on Youtube I would have believed them. So what do people see in World of Tomorrow that sets it apart and makes it so special?

World of Tomorrow does bring up plenty of great ideas to ponder, such as morality and the path humanity is going down. It does this through showing us imagery such as the boy being kept in the museum for people to watch. Is it moral for David to be kept in a state such as this, just for people to observe him age? Questions such as these are brought up throughout, and it also makes us ponder whether putting our minds into computers would ever be a good idea. However, I think the animation left me wanting more, as it was very basic. The characters themselves were practically stick figures, although the environments did have a cool look to them. The short also features plenty of humor, which I guess just fell flat for me personally. I think the jokes fell flat because I have seen so many of them like it in other short videos I see online. If the short manages to connect with you on an emotional level it succeeds in providing some enjoyment, but I guess the lacking animation and flat humor didn’t connect with me that effectively.

With all of this being said, do you think World of Tomorrow deserved a nomination for best short film, or is this short overhyped?


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