Mad Max: Fury Road, Mother-tested and Bechdel approved!

Based on the title of this post, I can’t help but to preface with two words: GIRL POWER!

As sad as it is, a contemporary film patron doesn’t get many opportunities to see current films that not only properly represent females, but that also pass the Bechdel Test.  Mad Max: Fury Road not only passes these requirements, but slam dunks on them too.  The entire time watching, I felt energized as I saw how incredible the women within the film were.  They kicked ass, stood up for themselves and others, and most importantly didn’t rely on the assistance of men to achieve their goals.

A brilliant choice on the directing side of the film was to not make the former main and titular character “Max” the main focus.  Instead, we see him getting wrapped up in Furiosa’s rebellion as she gloriously kidnaps Immortan Joe’s 5 wives.  The character Furiosa quickly becomes a character that we cheer for and put our trust in, and Max falls by the wayside as he fumbles around just trying to keep up.

Seeing these bad-ass ladies kick serious butt throughout the film without assistance from the swarm of male antagonists made for quite the thrill ride.  Another achievement of this film is that it doesn’t blatantly call out that it’s trying to fight stereotypes, but rather lets the female characters speak for themselves.  We don’t sympathize for them or make any excuses for them because they don’t ask for our sympathy.  Each actress’ portrayals are spot on, ESPECIALLY Charlize Theron’s.  She easily steals the film from her first moment in frame, and rightfully so as her character is arguably the main protagonist.

There’s nothing quite like watching a film that not only excites, but also puts out a wildly important message.  The message in this film is that ladies can and do kick some serious ass!

Do you agree that Furiosa is arguably the main protagonist in the film?  Or is it still Max because of the title of the film?


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