Water is needed

Mad Max resource was water. Water composes 75% of the world. It is recycled and assumed to be all around. If water didn’t exist, nothing was exist. Almost everything depends on water. So making a film about the lack of water is interesting. The beginning of the film is him and a dessert type situation crushing s mouse. As the movie continues, we learn about Max and the frenzy the characters face. The part that gets me is that water is limited yet it’s so hot in the film, and the characters are always fighting so how is there not water? I feel the film is not realistic and should not be part of the rest of the films we watched. The elements of the film lacked consistency. There should not have been as fighting and everything they had if you cannot drink water. I relate that to Wall-e because the reason why water isn’t around may be related to pollution. If everyone cleaned up and participated in keeping the world clean then water does not vanish. The ideal of us being without water I do not feel will be the reason why the human race dies. I believe scientist and researchers will develop a drug or another liquid to replace water if such a situation arises. All the characters in the movie would not be able to do anything in the film they were doing.
Also, in the film, I could not understand the main objective. Was it to find water? Also, do you think we will ever live in a life without water.

A question that I would ask the film is why did the movie seem so hot but there was not water? Did the producers not want to place the movie in a colder climate to make the film more realistic?


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