War of the World

War of the world is the only older film we watched this semester. Bacteria killed the aliens at the end of the movie. The producers and directors did not have the concept of internet and technology. The rest of the films, death occurred by some technology/human flaw. This is interesting to me because our idea of the end of the world is only based on our perception. This generation is focused highly on internet chaos and are not focusing on major concerns like bacterial infections. War of the world expressed an an invasion of a foreign object that tried to destroyed Earth. The people vs aliens were going to war with each other not realizing that there’s other things in life to worry about instead of fighting. Life is more than just humans and money. There are organism living on Earth that are more capable to killing us than an fictitious alien invasion.

Also, this was the only movie that had any mention of a church. When the destruction and chaos was going on, the people went to church. They went in a mass gathering and stayed there until the end when the aliens died. I feel that represents how prayer and a belief in GOD will get you our any trouble. Their “world” did not end. In Melancholia, however, the characters deal with their issues by suicide. She googled depression and associates that to killing herself. They did not pray or give life another chance. She did not go to church or try to get out of her situation. Without hope and the prayer of GOD, it is hard to get out rough situations. The effect of this was an Their world definitely end.
The individualists ideal is causing an end of life, and we ,its acknowledge that situation.


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