Used Up

In America people have the right to choose how they want to live their life. For now we have enough resources so we don’t have to limit people to what they can have. Women and men can choose what jobs they want, who they marry, and what they want for their children. After resources become scarce and the future of the people is placed in the hands of one man, we see the common person reduced to a basic role in society.

For example, Max was called a blood bag and made into part of the vehicle. In the beginning of the film we get a close-up of the make-up of Max. They label him by his blood type to be used later. Society does not need his intellect. They only need his body. The equivalent of this is Timmy in Snowpiercer who was made into a piece of the train. In Mad Max the women are lined up and harvested for their milk. They are treated like cows. The other women are only used by immortan Joe to make babies. The soldiers in 28 days later wanted to use the women with them in the same way. We have seen women are only used for their bodies when people have to survive.

Why do the leaders need the people at the bottom to worship them? The War Boys throw up their sign any chance they get. When Nux makes eye contact with Immortan Joe he gets more excited than we see him the whole film. At that moment Nux is ready to die for him. In Snowpiercer all of the children love Wilson. They sing songs and are taught the motion that Timmy has to make. I believe that the directors are trying to make us relate the way these people are treated to the way many people are taken advantaged of in today’s society. Even in America people are misled to believe wrong is right. I feel like we see it in gangs the most. Still I wonder if things do turn for the worst, how long it will take for people to begin accepting others as lesser beings.


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