The Reality of Movies like War of the World

War of the Worlds is, without argument, a literary and cinematic classic.  It is one of the first, if not, THE first narrative about an extraterrestrial invasion that puts humanity on the endangered species list.  While the original story takes place in an isolated part of Britain, newer adaptations include different regions around the world, with the latest one taking place in the USA.

Ever since the publication of the novel, alien invasions became a strong interest in many different entertainment mediums, with some believing we’ve already made contact with them, and evidence is being kept secret by governments around the globe.  The amount of projects governments have invested in that relate to extraterrestrials do nothing but fortify these claims, too.  We’ve been sending signals out in space in hopes have a message returned, we’ve invested in a program known as SETI, we currently have a rover probing Mars for signs of life, and we are presently building ever-larger telescopes to peer deeper into the cosmos, hoping to find inhabitable planets.  Every decade our technology advances to provide us with more tools for this search, yet we do not have the capability of interstellar travel.

This makes me wonder, if we are visited by aliens, how advanced must their technology be in order to accomplish this in a global-domination scale?  While the aliens in the original War of the Worlds were from Mars, we know now that it cannot be, and I believe the later versions have the aliens from an unknown origin. Thus, I would assume that these aliens would have accomplished interstellar travel.  If their astronomical science is that advanced, wouldn’t that mean other fields of their technology would be similarly advanced?  Take biological sciences for example.  Wouldn’t an interstellar species know by now about microbial life forms and their effects on other life forms?  And would they not have developed medicine to combat this?


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