The effects of the innocence of young life?

In the movie of The World of Tomorrow, the young Emily is unfazed by the horrors of the world the third generation Emily shows her, at one point Emily prime counts shooting stars that are actually victims of experimental time travel gone wrong whose copses are burning up in the atmosphere. Overall though the experience of meeting Emily prime is a positive one and allows Emily the third to experience a memory lost to time. For Emily the third, this allows her to be at peace with the inevitable destruction of earth that is to follow.

In Children of Men, the cries of a newborn child cause a cease fire between two warring factions that lasts for what seems an eternity. People who were hiding in fear for their lives just a few moments earlier risk their lives just to get a glimpse of the newborn. The soldiers who seconds ago would shoot indiscriminately to get to their objective, pause and clear a path for the trio to make their way through the building.The pure joy of seeing a new life in the world overcomes all the ill feelings of violence if even for a short while it provides for peace. All factions realise what is at stake the children are the future of this world and if there is to be any hope the child must live.

In both cases the innocence of a young child one a few years old the other just born, causes a feeling of peace to come upon those around them whether it is a deteriorated clone facing imminent demise or a soldier sent to exterminate threats to your country. Children bring about the future and through them can change truly come about. In Mad Max the young war boys choose to bring furiosa and the 4 remaining wives up into the citadel this significant choice allows for the possibility of a brighter future.

What is the significance of using children/ infants to bring about the salvation for the apocalyptic world?


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