More than Meets the eye?

Ah, War of the Worlds, the eldest of the fantastic movies this semester. To me, this film did not really get into the deep, inner thoughts of our world ending, but more so gave us a possible ending. This seems to be one of the original “IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!.. wait…is it?” movies. So, in that regard, I respect it for being far ahead of its time, especially with it’s now laughable visual effects. When my sister Andrea and I watched this together (no it wasn’t just a coincidence we had the same last name), we couldn’t contain our laughter at the “scary” machines on display. But, despite the humor, towards the end, the involvement of faith and religion got linked with the end of the world. Clayton and Sylvia found hope on their own and then physically located each other in the church. Apparently, the aliens destroyed all the buildings except for churches. Coincidence? Doubt it, as these churches represent the strength and mercy of God in the worst of times. Plus, it’s a tilt of the hat to church architects everywhere.

More with the timing of this movie: I like the idea of looking back 60 years and seeing how people envisioned our future. If you think about it, a movie like War of the Worlds, in all its visual glory, using basic technology, helped shape our contemporary visually complex films into what they are. Also, funny that movies following the same general plot still get made and draw audiences. Although it is now “old”, Independence Day basically translated War of the Worlds to its present time. To me, this means that through time, humans will often have the same beliefs or vision for the future even if put on display in a different way.

But, is it possible that later movies like Independence Day would have come to fruition without War of the Worlds leading the way? If not, should more recent movies be considered “unoriginal”?


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