Live On

World of Tomorrow and Advantageous both deal with transferring consciousness. In World of Tomorrow we get a couple of lengthy shots when the grandfather’s consciousness is introduced. These include the monologue that Emily gives and a shot of the Grandfather’s face on the robot. In Advantageous, Gwen is shown in the present and in flashback. This helps us compare the before and after the procedure. The two films show some of the same effects of transferring consciousness. We concluded that if we figured out how to pass consciousness, the subject will still have a different perception of the world because their physical form has changed. In World of Tomorrow, the clones are a direct copy of the host. Unfortunately, when consciousness is transferred not every memory is transferred. Also, some of Gwen’s memories and feelings took time to come back to her. Neither of the movies provided a solution as to which process might be better. We know Gwen is in a lot of pain after the procedure. She has to stop what she is doing to give herself a shot so that she can breathe. The grandfather in World of Tomorrow sends them a horrifying message confirming his misery.

Whose World ends when a conscience is transferred? The original person in Advantageous will die. Like some of the other movies, the world doesn’t end, but people do have to adjust to the new way of living. Even though the idea of cloning people may not be happening anytime soon, we can’t rule conscious transfers out as an option people will turn to to live longer. Advantageous shows that when people are desperate they will try to continue life at any cost. So the problem is not so much the cloning, but what technology people will turn to in order to continue the life that they know.


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