Melancholia represents the ideal of self suicide. The characters are going through an issue where they are losing all there hope because they can predict the future. It’s like they can tell the end of the world is coming. This is an interesting concept about life:people are resistant to change. Just because the end of the world was occurring, does not mean they should have killed themselves. There were pretty f other things they could have done. The sister went and googled depression, and they then killed herself. They more information you give to the public, they more chows they cause. Like in Magnolia, her future self was able to relate more information to her. Her future self is able is translate information and help herself get ahead. This is unique to movies about destruction because they know, they more you realize you know nothing. The world is full of information but not everything is accurate.
The movie was really depressing to me. The characters due the world was ending and it was causing them major depression. I feel like just because the world was ending does not mean you should be depressed. They characters did not have a sense of religion or self pride to get the, through the situation. In the beginning at the end, they characters did not seem too excited because her wedding. The mom was saying things like marriage is not a good thing and other similar words. This shows me how even the happiest situations, negative people will try to ruin it. Suicide is a real thing and should not be taking lightly. In Advantageous, they daughter committed suicide. There was no mention about religion and trying to work things out with The higher powers. The characters think they know the best solutions when really they did not.


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