Is Society So Fragile?

I found what was really interesting about movies like Advantageous and Children of Men was the nature of the apocalyptic setting.  In many other films, either apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic, the effect was almost always instant.  Nuclear destruction, earth-killer asteroids, insane zombie outbreaks, etc.  Children of Men, however, doesn’t introduce a threat that will, in itself, disrupt humanity instantly.  Instead, the film sterilizes all women, removing their ability to reproduce.  While this is a very serious and grave circumstance for humanity, individuals could potentially live out their lives as if nothing has happened.

It is solely due to humanity itself that societies plunge into chaos, with governments toppling and communities eroding.  Countries shatter as the world of man begins to collapse on itself.  Why? Because we generally have a basic need to care about the continuation of our own family and species, and with that impossibility we’re thrown into despair and disarray.  Unlike other films, as well, there is no distinctive obstacle that needs to be achieved to solve the world’s problem.  Sure, in other films that obstacle may be monumental, kill all the zombies or wait until they die from starvation, fly to an asteroid and blow it up, fight off an alien invasion, etc.  However in children of men, the only thing that they can try to do is cure this mysterious pandemic.  The only real antagonists are other people and their reaction to this new way of “life.”  However, I feel that with our faith in science and technology, society wouldn’t be so fragile as shown in the film.  Instead, I feel the outcome would be more along the lines of putting as much funding into research and development, and investing our hope that science will have the answer.

Do you think Children of Men portrays a realistic possibility to how the world would react in the scenario presented?


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