Is it all about the humor?

Humor in Dr. Strangelove obviously takes precedence over everything else, but this movie needed that satirical edge because the serious situation in the movie was so close to happening and still can. Politically, satire often is used as a method of calming those in fear. The comfort the comedy provides offers an escape from a harsh reality that still threatens our world. Most of the other movies we watched call upon wonderment or curiosity, so they seem more mysterious, and they’re visual and sound effects reflect that wonderment. They offer hope mostly because of the lack of truth behind them. Dr. Strangelove distracts from the possibility of Mutually Assured Destruction by giving people a chance to laugh about it. This method affects the way we think about our current state with the risks we face every day as a nation. How? By calling to our attention issues that we may not have been aware of before. Ripper, for example, humorously displays his insanity yet people like him exist in government positions all over the world. Also, his suicide matches the actions of many terrorists across this country, that is, trying to destroy the lives of others, then not even having the self-respect to live and see how their heinous actions change the world. At first, we could easily shrug off the fear, but what if we don’t take to heart the likelihoods? If this comedic approach doesn’t call attention to problems, then it hurts how we envision our future because we can ignore the issues right in front of us. This reality also calls into question animalistic or simple-minded actions people make in these situations. When acting in such a manor, we become blind to complex ideology and focus on being sustainable on our own rather than unifying to help each other. How does Seller’s characters live out these ideas in their own way? Could his approach to their personalities relate to actual people?


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