Feminism in Advantageous

Advantageous is a sci-fi film set in the near future during a time when infertility and economic hardships are becoming more prevalent. Despite these hardships, the film posits that the thing to fear most may not be the infertility or economic hardships but our fellow human beings. In spite of the apparent progression of mankind and all the technological advances we see in the film, we realize that people still hold onto the same sour ideals that humans have had for centuries; particularly, sexism.

In the movie our protagonist is Gwen Koh, a successful and highly educated woman working as the face of the Center For Advanced Health And Living. However, she is suddenly deposed of her position when the company feels she is too old and no longer pretty enough to be the head; despite being extremely qualified for the position. This reveals that the notion that women are only seen for their looks and bodies still prevails even a 100 years from now. The fact that she has to transfer her entire consciousness into a youthful, more “beautiful” body is an exaggerated view of the reality women currently face in the workplace. No matter how clearly qualified she is, if she is not attractive by other people’s standards, she is not capable of being the head of the company. Even more ironic is the fact that the only job available for her after losing her original one is to be an egg donor. It is reminiscent of a time when women were viewed as being good only for their maternal qualities and not as fully independent and competent human beings.

The film cleverly explores modern society’s perspectives on femininity, beauty and motherhood and how they intersect with the economy. It makes us question: after all these technological advances we have made, are we still our own worst enemy?


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