I remember watching Toy Story 3 and really on the edge of my seat hoping that the Toys would make it out of their situation. Even though they are just cartoons, I still felt a connection to them. Their world was going to end in the third movie. Only a few of the toys were actually supposed to be models of humans, but I still felt connected to each one. It is the same way I began to feel bad for third generation Emily. Also when Wall-E starts to have feelings for Eva I sympathized for him when it seemed like he was getting further from having the connection he wanted to make. I wondered how the directors were able to connect the viewers with the cartoon characters so well.

The third generation Emily just talked the whole time. She narrated the future throughout the whole film to original Emily. One part that stuck out to me was the way third generation Emily has to guide the original Emily. One time third generation Emily grabs her hand as they begin to walk. I thought this was crazy because their relationship is like a granddaughter teaching her grandmother about life. Around the time that she does this, I think that third generation Emily has started to realize that the original Emily is not comprehending everything that is going on. However, she is forming a relationship that we know is good for her. It is the exact same motion the Wall-E tried to get Eva to do most of the movie so that he doesn’t have to feel alone. Since we have all been alone or longed for something more we could relate to even a cartoon yellow minion if it too showed those emotions. All the movies we watched take place I a world different from our own. Even if the world has a thing like the Outernet, we still connect with the people through their emotions.


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