Clone Emily was kinda dull

While it may be a much shorter film, World of Tomorrow is very similar to Advantageous in that it gives the viewer a sense of what toll an act such as cloning would have on the characteristics that make us human. Just like the clone of Gwen had shown that much of the characteristics that made her lovable and happy are now gone, clone Emily shows a lack of the curiosity and joyousness characteristic of Emily prime. This short film, in my opinion, differs from the other movies in that rather than exploring the human condition in certain circumstance, it shows the consequences of mankind’s reaction to the realities of aging and death. It shows that mankind has become so obsessed with young and this idea of living forever that they wont step back to see if it’s really worth losing innate parts of us just to become a simple replication of a past self with nothing but fake memories. Emily prime represents mankind in its present state. We still maintain very humanistic qualities, but at the same time we are rather oblivious. Emily, throughout the film, seems very unaware of how terrible the future actually is and it is clear that while clone Emily may be showing her a rather empty and lonely life, Emily will not take steps to avoid making the choices that made this future possible because she is preoccupied with other things that catch her interest. This video serves as a warning to the viewer that it while it is very important to maintain within us the qualities that make us adventurous and wondrous, we must also look at the choices we make in depth so that we can create the most positive future where are focus is less on maintaining you, but rather on maintaining our own humanity.


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