Young and Beautiful

You would never think infertility to be a reason for an apocalypse. When people hear the word “apocalypse” they generally think of zombies, diseases, or aliens, basically people dying a terrible death in an even more terrible situation. Well Children of Men does a very good job of making an apocalyptic movie using natural-caused deaths and putting the fear in us that worldwide infertility can be as scary as zombies, diseases, and aliens. Children are famous for simply being the youngest person on earth. The plot opens up with headline news that the youngest person on earth, Baby Deigo, has been killed. People that has never even met the kid is deeply mourning over his death, and some are so upset they have to call in work. This makes you realize how serious this is to them and opens their eyes to how close they are to disappearing off the face of the earth. There is much emphasis on how important this is to them when they announce headlines of the new youngest person on earth is after the previous ones die. They even go to the extreme to be specific enough to announce how old the youngest person on earth is by the minute and seconds they were born. I don’t even know what time I was born much less knowing the minutes and seconds. Once Theo, the protagonist, discovers a pregnant Kee, everything changes. Theo does everything in his power to protect Kee because she is proof that fertility may not be impossible anymore. Everybody that knows she pregnant covets Kee. Luke wants to steal the baby to gain power in his uprising cult and is willing to take down anything and anyone that stands in his way, even if it means orchestrating the murder of Julian, the former Fishies commander, or killing Jasper, the funny pothead that was stalling for Theo in order to escape with Kee. Once the baby is born, it hits everybody emotionally. They even pause an ongoing war for the baby. As Kee is getting escorted downstairs and out the building, the people looked at the baby as if she was a beautiful holy figure or their savior. It has been years since they’ve seen a baby or heard one cry, it has become foreign to them. The movie ends with a happy cliffhanger. Theo and Kee escape successfully and Kee decides to name her daughter Dylan after Theo’s late daughter but we don’t know if Theo lives in the end. My question is to everybody: you think you women will eventually gain back their fertility since it was possible for Kee?


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