Why were we in the dark?

While watching Advantageous I felt like the director shorthanded us when it came to the back story. For instance, I wish we knew more information about Gwen’s relationship with her parents. It seemed like there was serious tension between her and them, specifically with her father, they (more so her father) will not help her by giving the money she needed, nor will she allow him to ever see Jules. Through the one conversion she has with her parents I could tell that something was off in their family structure but it was left at that, in my opinion some back story could have helped to explain why Gwen’s parent did not feel the need to help her, or why they were so distant. I also believe that it would have helped if we knew more about Gwen’s relationship with Lily and Han in the beginning of the story instead of right before Gwen became Gwen 2.0. I felt as though the film left me with a lot of unanswered question due to the fact that certain things were just not explained. An example of this was the little girl laying in the bushes outside Gwen’s apartment building, we were never told why she was there or how she got there, or where her parents were, she was just there. I was also a little confused with the whole tea party scene, what was wrong with the lady who was sick (this was never explained), why was she not at the second tea party with Gwen 2.0, the ladies at the table did not even mention her absence. These missing details were very important things, at least to me, that made me wonder why did the director leave viewers in the dark for these things. Why did we not see Gwen interacting with any other 2.0’s, (I believe this interact would have been helpful in transitioning)?


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