Who are we?….what do we run?…THE WORLD!!

For my final blog post I would like to spend some time remembering all the amazing lead and co-lead female characters from the films we have watched. I must start at the beginning with the lovely Eve! Seeing Eve learn to love was amazing, she was the first robot Wall-E rubbed off on so much that he got through to her core and made us forget that they were robots. There was not much of a difference between Wall-E and Eve’s relationship and two humans in a relationship with each other. Our next female lead was in Melancholia. We had Justine and Claire, two very different sisters who were dealing with their own personal issues and needed each other and only each other to get through those issues. Being that I am an older sister to a sister and brother I completely related to the complexity of their sister-ship (I don’t know if that is a word…but it should be), the bond that one shares with a sister is a very special bond because you know no matter what happens your sister will be there for you. In 28 days later we were introduced to a powerful, dominate female character by the name of Selena. If it was not for her Jim would have died very shortly after leaving the hospital, and a few times after that as well. Selena was a fighter, and a leader, and was determined to live for herself. This was completely different from our past females, Selena needed no one. In Children of Men we meet Kee who is basically the savior of the human race being that she births a child in a time where the last newborn was brought into the world 18 years prior. We are also introduced to Julian in this movie, her character film life is short lived, but if it was not for her Kee would not have been transported by Theo to safety. In Mad Max: Fury Road we meet Imperator Furiosa who if you cannot tell from her name was definitely a bad ass. She not only saves the wives from Immortan Joe, but she goes back to Citadel after killing him and becomes the new leader all while having one arm! In Advantageous we see the sacrifice of a mother’s love when Gwen gives up her life to provide a better life for her daughter Jules. We also she Jules who was a dynamic young lady herself learn to let go of her old mother and come to terms with her new and not so improved mother. Lastly we had the wonderful Mary, she was not a character in a film we watched so don’t confuse her with Mary Poppins. She was our amazing female instructor this semester, who turned my last boring English class into something I never expected. I am walking away from this class truly grateful for the experience. I am wish I had more English classes to take (I AM SO HAPPY THIS WAS MY LAST ENGLISH CLASS), because I would love to take another class she teaches.  With all that being said my last question is…In the great words of the queen Beyoncé, who runs the world?


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