Virtual Connections

World of Tomorrow, although short, does not lack in depth in understanding an alternate world that the human race may exist in. As far as setting goes World of Tomorrow was definitely the hardest to connect with. Between the odd outernet that only contained moving shapes to the planets that we have yet to major explore, understanding ones self in the movie was difficult. What eased this was the way the film was mostly narrative which we discussed in class. This method allowed for the movie to be so short because instead of putting us in that setting we were told and filled in of how the world now existed in contrast to the others like Mad Max: Fury Road where we were dropped into a plan in motion from the beginning and had to take in the scenes to understand the world that existed. It is a curious way of filming but for a short film it works so there is little gap between understanding and processing.

This being said I think that this film in a short amount of time says a lot about the human race and the human condition. It may even say more about the human condition than some of the other films. Clone Emily has come from the future to see Original Emily and retrieve a memory from her of Emily and her mother. This shows how important the memories we keep are. And not just any memories but especially memories that we have with people that we care deeply about. That being said this may be the only film that we’ve watched that is completely honest in this understanding that we are the human connection is what will make us happy. Yet, in Clone Emily’s world the basic form of communication is through virtual reality.

So, if we understand that we need human connection, human contact, why are we living in a world where screens play just as an important role in our lives as the people we love? World of Tomorrow calls into question this shift. Is the emphasis and dominance of sharing through snaps of our worlds really how we are supposed to connect or does this culture actually isolate us? And does this isolation leave us craving a love that we can only receive from our screens?


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