To be, or not to be a really weird, dull clone

So Advantageous kinda bummed me out. In keeping with the theme of the human condition in the face of adverse conditions, this movie takes a step back from the whole of humanity and rather focuses on Gwen. Like I said, I was really bummed out about this movie because this film asks a question which is not easily answered. Was Gwen right to undergo the procedure and throw away most her life and memories and relationships, or should she have stayed the way she was and dealt with her problems in some other way? Now, at first glance it kinda seems like the right answer would be to not undergo the procedure. It is clear just how much she is throwing away by going through with it. Her personality has changed, her relationships are damaged, everything has changed, and not for the better. But the point of these movies is to examine the human reaction to circumstances, and what is more human than the love between a mother and her daughter? So, in the end, she gives up the things that make her human for a very humanly cause. Which makes her even more human? I don’t know, see, there’s a reason I was bummed out.


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