Technology Apocolypse

Will technology eventually take over our lives as we witness it in Advantageous and WALL-E? Forget Bluetooth, they have phone built inside their heads. Forget ever walking or getting up for anything, WALL-E has hover board seats. Are people so into these new technologies because it’s convenient or perhaps it’s laziness too? In both movies, we do see how technology or robots, so to speak, try to take over. In WALL-E, the steering wheel of the spaceship tries to take control. In Advantageous, Gwen makes a phone call that made her uncomfortable, questioning whether she is talking to a human or a robot. She has a right to know who or what she’s talking to since she is the consumer of this “Bluetooth-less” phone, and even she gets denied to know. Have the “robots” evolve enough to rebel? How long will people just let technology take over until they eventually try kill or take over mankind like in War of Worlds? Well, maybe not to that extreme but it’s still possible since we are already letting technology take over our lives. Next time you walk to your class, count how many people are on their phones not paying attention to where their walking. We are already letting technology take over even on campus. Sooner or later it will be as bad as we witness in WALL-E, where two people will literally be right next to each other yet they are still communicating with each other using technology. Have we lost some of our humanity and given it up for the convenience and entertainment that technology provides? It is also unheard of that a small percent of people still use go phones since majority of people go “ga-ga” over the new high-tech products such as the new iPhone 7. At the rate we are going, we are not far off to ending up like people in WALL-E or Advantageous. My question to everyone: where do you think people will stop and actually realize that technology has gone too far and is taking over our lives? My answer is the built-in phone in your head, what’s yours?


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