Self destruction

I believe it to be only appropriate for the final post to be on the first film from the class…

Today in class I think we have concluded that the world will not end from alien invasion or a planet destroying us or the world freezing over because before any of that has a chance we, the human race will create the end ourselves. Wall-E is the perfect embodiment of this self destructive end. It is a movie that has completely disgusted me and one that has shook me to my core. The humans in this world of Wall-E willingly allowed for earth to be utterly destroyed by letting the need for more, bigger, better create a world were there was no satisfaction for anything and the purpose of life no longer existed. These humans not only let this happen on earth but they also let it happen in the space where instead of a fresh start, they do the same thing over again. They are living on a ship which would seem as evolution and progress but rather it is just another cage for destruction and now they are destroying themselves.

Wall-E makes a powerful statement about technology, mass production and large corporation brainwash. What makes this film so believable despite the stark contrast to a world we recognize is the reality of the situation. Currently we are facing so many environmental issues caused by deforestation, pollution, oil spills, and smog to name a few. Land fills are a huge issue cause by the massive amounts of trash that does not decay.Yet, despite the prevalent issues we continue to produce non recyclables, tear down forests and industrialize constantly.  If we don’t make changes and live oblivious to the world as a whole then we will destruct just as those of Wall-E did. It is the lack of critical thinking that caused the people of Wall-E to ruin the Earth and the lack of self thought that allowed them to be sucked into a virtual world of screens and robotics that are supposed to aid in living but rather inhibit life itself. It is not even a question as to if this self destruction is something that we are capable of because it is. The question then is how do we take this drastic but not completely unbelievable dystopia and make a change? How do we make a stand against fast, cheap, bigger, better and remember that these things are not always the solution? Instead, we must imagine new ways of life were health and earth consciousness is a constant thought and action in our lives so that not only we but our world will survive.


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