Is it worth it? Let me work it

Is immortality really what people want? In the movie Advantageous, Gwen, a single mother, makes many sacrifices for her daughter especially when it comes to her education and well-being. Even though the film does a bad job of giving the audience a background story of her and her daughter’s relationship, it is obvious that they are very close. Gwen is having trouble keeping her job because of her aging, yet she is a great salesmen and spokes model for the company’s product. But does that really matter in the era? Struggling to keep her job and paying for her daughter’s school, she finds any way possible to make it work. Although she has an outstanding resume, the only job that fits her as an aging minority is giving away her eggs. She thinks to herself that there has to be better alternatives. She asks her mother for money in which she was denied because Gwen refuses to talk to her father or ever have her daughter meet Gwen’s father. That’s one of the many things that really bothered me about this movie, we never find out why Gwen hates her father so much. There’s not much background story at all, we kind of just jump in the middle of the movie and are just expected to know what’s going on. She was then bold enough to ask for money from her cousin, Lily, whose husband owns a restaurant so it is obvious they are well off. After Gwen reveals that Lily’s husband is the father of Gwen’s daughter, Lily gave Gwen the cold shoulder and said “we have kids too, you know,” implying that they already have their own struggles.

Jobless and with no help from her family, Gwen turns to her last resort. The company has a new launching product that has yet to be tested. This product basically lets you dump your consciousness to a new, younger body. Because of her selfless love for her daughter, she agrees to be the guinea pig of this new product. She asks her daughter how she was feels about it first and even lets her pick out Gwen’s “new body.” After spending one last Christmas with her daughter in her original body, Gwen is transferred into her “new body.” The shaky and blurry shots from Gwen’s perspective after her consciousness is transferred makes that audience feel like they are too experiencing how sick the product is making her. Is this product really worth it if it’s making her this sick and un-lively. A shot every two hours in order to breathe?! She would have to be carrying around a suitcase full of this stuff. How expensive are these shots and how is she suppose to sleep? Well it turns out that Gwen starts to lose her original self in her “new body” and her daughter starts to despise her. This is why I don’t understand how the product was so successful to other customers. Maybe Gwen was such a good salesmen that people bought it and later realize it’s really not the bee’s knees after all? I really wanted to see how that turned out, again the movie leaves us hanging of details that might be important or interesting to the audience. The scene that touched me the most was when Gwen (2.0) went back to Lily and her husband to tell her what she has done. This whole scene is inaudible but sound is not necessary to know what’s going on when you see Lily bursting out crying feeling guilty for turning Gwen away the first time over jealousy and betrayal. I guess you can say there was a happily ever after with the ending picnic scene. This movie really touched me although it was also lacking. So my question to everyone: would anybody be interested in watching a sequel? Am I the only one who wants to know how other customers adjusted to this new age transformation?


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