Human Upgrade

Are we only living to be upgraded? Humans program technology, but is technology programming us? Is that how humans and robots are able to co-exist in the future? It is normal now to talk to hear people talking to their phones. Artificial intelligence is able to answer questions from students online. This year there was an AI twitter account that was communicating people. In World of Tomorrow, the robots on the moon felt like the humans on Earth. The robots and humans all are in constant fear of death. The robots on the moon seemed to be as lonely as the third generation Emily. Without emotions the humans do not feel like they have a purpose. There is a debate on whether or not people make decisions based on emotion or logic. World of Tomorrow suggests that without emotions people are lost.

We have discussed the difference between surviving and living. Third generation Emily is not fighting to survive. In fact, up until the World is going to end she doesn’t have to worry about dying from age. She develops relationships with different inanimate and animate objects. With her lack of feeling it seems like she is just going through the motions. She can’t even fully describe why she is attracted to the rock. At times she sits and feels bad because she doesn’t “have the mental and emotional capacity” to express her feelings. That sounds like a robot.

The people move throughout the Outernet. They have submerged themselves in technology. They attempt to preserve life, but it is more painful then anything. The clones don’t value life anymore. Clones test the teleportation devise knowing it can immediately kill them. The contrast between the two characters really showed the effect of cloning. Emily is acting like a child in every way. She has basic thoughts outside of the conversation that she is having with the third generation Emily. She actually responds to her environment in a human way. Technology is constantly advancing opposed to humans who take many years to evolve. I think soon people will co-exist with AI and there will be many situations, like the one in Advantageous, where people won’t even know if they are talking to a computer or a person.


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