Girl Power

Although survival is the main them of the film, there is a strong feminist overtone that runs throughout the story. Conspicuous in Fury Road are events in which female characters, especially Furiosa, take control and drive the action and plot of the film. All the females we see in the film are either his concubines, “Mother’s Milk” providers, or one of the impoverished citizens, with the exception of Furiosa, as her name entails, is a feisty, headstrong rebel. We notice in the middle of the film that part of her left arm is missing. We then realize that even with this disability, she is high in Immortan Joe’s ranks, and a missing arm does not stop her from being the strongest character in the film. She is also one of the most noble of all the characters from the beginning. Others change their views over the course of the film, but Furiosa is the first character to show compassion and stay true to her moral sense throughout the film. Her authoritative, but also gentle presence serves as a motivation for the five wives, her passion and belief in their right to their bodies and selves is a motivating factor in her willingness to go to great lengths for their safety. There were multiple occasions where Furiosa could have killed Max under the suspicion of his trustworthiness, but she does not because her main goal was to protect the Immortan Joe’s wives and lead them safely to the “Green Place” even if it means risking her own life. Immortan Joe is explicitly shown to be someone who treats women as a possession by hooking them up to pumps for breast milk, using them as sex slave or breeding, or forcing them to wear “belts” that are used only to keep other men from having sex with them. The film truly takes the message home beyond any doubt stating that women are not objects. My question is to everyone: do you think this movie was so successful partly because there is a strong leading female role, which is not common in Hollywood?


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