Expect the Unexpected…plus FROGS!

Magnolia was an interesting film, even for this class! In the introduction the narrator sets us up to expect the unexpected, however no one expected frogs! It also took me a little while to realize that all of our characters were connected to one and other, because it was not something that was really stressed within the movie, the director reveled it in a very subtle way. The subtle way in which the relationships unfolded definitely aligned with the off-centeredness one may experience while watch this film. There is some very ambiguous time framing throughout the film. The world in which they live in looks very familiar to me, but there is also some oddness to it as well, for instance the movie looks to be set in Los Angeles in the early 2000’s which is believable, but there is it any traffic ever, nor are there many people outside our main characters (in Los Angeles?!?!). I have only been there once but I know for a fact that there is always traffic in L.A. I found the very religious undertone that every character had even along with them each slowly confessing their own sins was a bit different. It was almost as if they were spiritual people who believed a lot in the bible due to their quotes, and they knew they would be judged for their sins. The difference or off-centeredness in this situation was that they did not really seem to fear being judged by God, they feared being judged by the people they are connected too. By the end of the film we see some characters receive closure after their confession, some never confess to the ones they hurt but cannot live with the weight of their sins so they try to kill themselves, and others lose relationships completely after their confession. After watching this film, I wondered if all the characters attended the same church and never knew it? Lol


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