Dude! Look out the window once in a while!

The most important question we have to ask ourselves as we watch these movies is how is humanity reacting to the devastating circumstances presented to them?How does this director depict the human condition in the face of certain doom? The first and possibly most interesting of our assigned films I would like to talk about is Wall-E. This one’s pretty interesting because, although the world as we know it has certainly reached its end, the human race has managed to make it out unscathed. They’ve managed to escape in their spaceships are free to learn from their mistakes as they transition into their new stage of existence. However, this future for the human condition seems a bleak one as hundreds of years have gone by and mankind seems to be falling far from the very aspects that define humanity. For instance, throughout history we can tell that mankind seems to have an innate desire to explore. We naturally have a desire to gaze upon  the unknown and unseen. But in one scene a woman seems awe struck by the stars she sees out of the ship’s window after she is finally able to take her eyes off the screen on her hovering chair. Keep in mind that people have lived on the ships for hundreds of years and she has spent her entire life traveling through space without even noticing what was right outside the window. Contrast this with the scene in which Wall-E is flying past the rings of Jupiter and he runs his hand through the particles and gazes with wonderment at the beauty. This is the exact behavior expected of a human, but which is, in actuality, shown to be absent in the human characters. This contrast shows just how much humanity has begun to become less human and more robot as we delve deeper into a dependence on technology. So is our reliance on technology taking away appreciation and wonderment that makes us human?


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