All we need is Love

World of Tomorrow, in its short fifteen minute run, intertwines heavy content with humor to show where humanity is heading. As humans chase the concepts of preservation, they also experience nostalgia and want to understand what it is like to be human. When clones clone themselves, they lose more and more of what makes them human. The so called “copy-and-pasted” brain is clearly not completely working since Emily’s human qualities have not been passed to third generation Emily.

Third generation Emily takes Emily prime through her history and the viewer can catch glimpses of where third generation Emily has tried to experience human emotions such as love. Even when Emily is talking about the struggles she has had throughout her life, she remains completely monotone so we as viewers are not able to completely emotionally connect with her. Third generation Emily describes her experiences with “love” which involve falling in love with random objects. She first falls in love with a sparkly rock, then a gas pump, then a space monster, then her husband who was a clone himself. However, just when I was beginning to think that third generation Emily had developed the capacity to love, she tells Emily Prime that when her husband died, she did not have a way to deal with it. She then goes on to to say that she likes when she feels sad because it makes her feel more alive.

I think that all Third Generation Emily wants is to be human. So much that she extracts a memory from Emily Prime of her interacting with her mother in hopes that it can spark some emotion in her. Even though Third Generation Emily seems completely detached from her past self, it is quite obvious that she is jealous of the carefree life that Emily Prime lives.

As a generation that is becoming increasingly absorbed in technology, are we heading in the same direction of Third Generation Emily where we lose what makes us human?


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