World of Advantageous (Not the Best Title, I’ll Admit)

Throughout history, rulers and common men have been searching or trying to create an object called the Philosopher’s stone. The Philosopher’s stone is an object that creates gold out of iron. The Philosopher’s stone pops up in literature throughout the ages. The most recent time was in the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. However, the most miraculous action that the stone does is grant immortality. People are so fixed with cheating death that they do not ask about the consequences. This can be seen in two movie specifically, World of Tomorrow and Advantageous.

In World of Tomorrow people can upload conscience into a cube and their love ones can upload the peoples’ favorite books and movies. The loved ones can hear the people in the cubes. However, the messages the people in the cubes send are usually “God, Oh God no, make it stop, God, Oh God”. These people are surely suffering in the cubes. Instead of immortality becoming someone heaven, it became their personal hell.

In Advantageous, a person can have their conscience transferred into another body. If a person does not like their race, sex, or age, they can pay money and change his/her body. However, the person must take a shot every two hours in order to breathe, along with other symptoms. Although, some would save that even with the symptoms, the change would still be “advantageous” for that person. Pun completely intended.

So, in every movie that this class has talked about, there is always a horrible side effect to staying immortal. In World of Tomorrow, it is being trapped in a personal hell. In Advantageous, it is hazardous side effects that can kill the person trying to be immortal. In both instances, terrible situations happen to those trying to get personal gain. Or even more troubling is that the people know about the side effects. So I would like to know is that if society knew that prolonging life would have disastrous side effects, would you still put a love one through that to try to grant them immortality.


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