Classic Max

When I first saw Mad Max: Fury Road, I was completely smitten with the movie. I believed that Mad Max: Fury Road was an instant action movie classic. Mad Max: Fury Road could even hold a candle to movies such as The Magnificent Seven, and Predator. However, after thinking this, I stated asking what made a movie a classic movie. I believe there to be two major criteria for a movie to become a classic, practical affects and a well-paced plot.

There is nothing more real than reality. In Mad Max: Fury Road all the vehicles were actually created in real life. Most of the explosions and the crashes were real and actually happened. Now in Predator, most of the effects were real. Now, that is not to say the Arnold Schwarzenegger actually threw a combat knife through a man. However, in one scene Arnold Schwarzenegger and his squad of men started shooting a mini-gun and other small arms into the rainforest. Those guns were real. Those were real bullets flying through the rainforest. The trees were truly exploding and falling. The reason both Mad Max: Fury Road and Predator did this because nothing is more real than reality.

A cardinal sin of movie making is making a two hour movie feel like a four hour movie. In The Magnificent Seven, the plot takes many twists and turns. However, I never felt like the plot was drawn out. Each new twist was refreshing and welcoming. In Mad Max: Fury Road, the plot was very linear. Then, at a vital point in the movie, they make a U-turn. Then watching the settings come back in reverse order was stimulating to the plot.

Therefore, with the criteria stated, Mad Max: Fury Road will become a classic movie. The movie’s special effects will age well because the special effects are mostly practical effects. The movie’s plot was well paced and did not bore most of the viewers. What criteria makes a movie a classic or instant classic?


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