A child-like wonder

Anand Pandian’s Seeing Things really got me thinking about how we as humans view the future. It is said many times.. it is even said in the Bible that we should have faith as a child does. They see everything as something new and welcome all opportunities to learn. I think this is how we should see our future…as an opportunity to learn and correct current situations.

The future is something that we all somehow obsess about. This obsession could involve fear of the future, anxiety about the future, or even looking forward to the future. We all in some way obsess with everything except what is happening right now. The unknown is something that is so beyond our control that we can’t help but constantly think about it in hopes that we can somehow control certain outcomes. I think if we choose to take on this child like mentality and take everything as a learning opportunity, we can learn to control our futures to an extent. In these films, we are forced to see humanities downfalls, whether it be an external conflict like in Melancholia or an internal conflict such as in Adventageous. Throughout the films, we see just how the end of the world could unfold. I may be the only one but I constantly compare to what is happening in the film to what is happening to me in this current day. I wonder how I would react in such a situation and what I could do now that could help me avoid a situation like that. The future is such a strange concept because it is your interpretation of how your life will end up. So if you happen to view your future in a negative way, it is most likely because there is something going wrong in your present that can be possibly fixed.

If we all learn to experience the world as a child and learn from our futures, how many conflicts can we avoid?


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