Do It For The Kids

History repeats itself in Snowpiercer. There are different social classes on this train. The people at the back of the train are in what we know to be a ghetto. They receive limited rations of the lowest grade of food provided. We hear Mason tell them that they are at the bottom like a shoe. The officials can treat the people anyway they want to because they don’t have rights. The system on the train drives the people in the back to devalue their life. This is the same type of system that we see around the world. People constantly struggle only to stay at the bottom. The cycle continues with their children. Timmy is made into a part of the train. Curtis and every other adult at the bottom fought so that Timmy didn’t have to stay at the bottom. They tried to end the cycle.

After we see the people in the back of the train forced into a revolution, we witness Gwen coerced into giving up her physical being for her daughter’s future. Gwen could not control time. She was going to get older. She was an Asian woman. Her boss and the company knew that and they used it against her. When times are hard people do what they can to get the best out of the situation especially if they have people that depend on them. Jules continuous quest for knowledge overwhelms Gwen. Gwen is caught in the inevitable cycle that Jules is afraid she too could end up in no matter how hard she works. Even with all of Gwen’s credentials, without her sacrifice, the two will be placed at the bottom.

Curtis is the leader in Snowpiercer. His decisions led to some unfortunate events, but he did what he thought was best for his people. In the end of both of these movies, the “hero” had to face reality. They realized they would lose themselves in attempt to make progression. Gwen lost her physical being and Curtis was given everything he could have at a rate he couldn’t handle. Both movies end with a child left with a woman other than their mother. Were the children truly saved? Both were given a chance to choose how they would live. The last thing we see in snowpiercer is the polar bear noticing a vulnerable Woman and child. We question how long they will survive, but they are capable of controlling their fate. Jules has to make sure that her new mother can survive the transformation. However, the money will continue to flow and Jules will have a chance to move up in the world. Perhaps, they were saved from being used up by society. The little boy was literally used as a machine part and Jules might have had to give up her body to live. Gwen and Curtis wouldn’t live to see their children trapped in societies attempt to keep them at the bottom.


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