Wall-e: Fury Road

One characteristic of Max in Mad Max: Fury Road is his silence. Each sentence that Max speaks has a purpose. Also, every time Max speaks, his voice is barely louder than a whisper. Max is the literal interpretation of “action speaks louder than words”. In fact there is possibly only one character that we have talked about in class that talks less than Max. Of course, that character is Wall-e. There are many similarities to Wall-e and Max. Both Wall-e and Max use body language more than talking to show emotion. Also, both Wall-e and Max go on a long and dangerous journey because of compassion.

Max does not talk because he does not want to. When Angharad uses herself as a bullet shield, all Max does is give her a quite nod and a thumbs up. Then, when Angharad falls off the war rig and gets crushed by another car, Max tells Furiosa that she is dead with “She went under the wheels”. When Furiosa asks if he is sure, he just looks at her. However, Wall-e does not talk because he feels he can communicate better with body language. Wall-e uses facial movements and wails to communicate with the humans and Eve. For instance, Wall-e uses hand holding to show compassion to Eve.

Max and Wall-e are not only similar in their lack of talking. They both go on very dangerous journeys because of compassion. In Wall-e, Wall-e begins his dangerous journey by jumping on a rocket so he can be near Eve. Max, on the other hand, begins his journey by trying to leave Furiosa and the wives. However, Max comes back to help Furiosa return to the citadel, even though he already had the war rig to himself.

So Wall-e and Max are very different when looking at each one. One is a robot; the other is a human. One has dirt all over him; the other has sand all over him. One is animated, the other is Tom Hardy. However, both don’t talk very much. Also, both do dangerous journeys because of compassion. How else are Wall-e and Max similar?


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