Keeping Up With David

In World of Tomorrow, there are many actions that people in today’s time see as controversial. One of the most controversial action was that of David. In World of Tomorrow, David is a brain dead human clone that is put into a tube and placed in an art museum. He does not talk or move. All he does is blink, stare, and age. Many people visit him in the museum. They talk to him but never want a response. When David dies, the museum quietly buries him without sending out news. People see this as controversial because they see a human being trapped for our amusement. However, this is not something new to humanity.

During the writer strike, a new type of television became popular. Of course, this new type of television was called reality t.v. In reality television, people watch average people live together. That is literally all that these people do. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is about a family called the Kardashians. The viewers watch the Kardashians live their lives and that is it. That is how that family became famous. Some people would argue that David is worse that the Kardashians because the Kardashians are not filmed 24/7. Yet, there is another television show that does. That television show is called Big Brother. In Big Brother the real people are just living together in a house and the contestants do not leave the house. Viewers can watch for 24 hours a day. All of them are David just with a larger tube. This is not just television that we see these concepts. In fictional movies like Edtv and The Truman Show have characters that viewers watch when they sleep so they don’t feel lonely. In The Truman Show, the main character Truman does not even know he is being filmed.

So, while there is controversy with David, this controversy might be displaced. Most people see this as a caged human being, yet they don’t see the caged humans right in their living rooms. So the question I would like to ask the viewer is not will we see someone like David, but when will we have David?


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