Has Technology gone too far?

In the World of Tomorrow and the Copy Pasted Brain the idea of immortality through the use of clones is presented as a possible future for the human race. In this future the clones mental and physical abilities deteriorate with every passing generation, with the third generation Emilly falling in love with inanimate objects and nonhuman beings, while having difficulty blinking her eyes in a normal fashion. This solution of the problem of mortality has some strings attached to it, with the deterioration of the mind and body of subsequent clones, the memories are not always copied completely or preserved in their full state making the process imperfect at best. The digital existence of those who can not afford cloning seems to be a quick route to insanity as they are in solitary confinement with no real interaction with other humans, in a existence where time is not linear is a quick recipe for insanity. Beyond those with the money to be cloned or brain drained into a black box, the sanctity of death is violated by taking the skin from the deceased to make faces for simple animatronics, which sounds like the basis for a good horror flick and not keeping grandpa Joe with the family. With this “immortality” the value of human life seems to have been thrown on the backburner especially in the case of the clone in the stasis tube, David, who was left without a brain to grow old without living for the viewing pleasure of museum goers.

At what point do we as humankind draw the line on the morality of the technology we produce? Is a clone a person with rights? Even without a brain? Should the faces of the dead be shamelessly taped to the faces of robots? When has technology gone too far?


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