Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Besides Wall-E Mad Max: Fury Road was the only other movie I had watched before taking this class, however this was the only time I watched it from beginning to end (usually I would catch it from the chase scene when they were on their way back from the green place). Now that I know everything that happened before that, I can say I really enjoyed this film. I thought that the U-turn that the characters made in the film sent a very powerful message to the viewers. In the beginning Furiosa and the wives are leaving Citadel heading towards the green place seeking safety, and envisioning a place completely different from Citadel where they would be free and could live in peace. Once they arrived to the green place, that was no longer green and nothing like what they excepted, they decided they must return to Citadel because there was water and other supplies they could use to survive and replenish the Earth. This decision forced them to confront everything that they were running from head on, on the way back to Citadel. This was a powerful moment in my opinion because running away was the easy way out (not saying they did not have to fight to get out once Immortan Joe realized what was taking place). Verse what they eventually decided to do by returning, killing Immortan Joe and his gang, and taking Citadel as their own. In life this situation comes up (not this exact scenario but you get the point) and most people take the easy way out, however in this movie we see a group take the harder option and prosper more than they would have if they just went with the easy out. This movie made me think, is there really an easy out in every situation?


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