Children of Men: thin line between real and to real!

Children of Men was the first movie where a main character actually dies very early in the film, Julian, who was a very strong presence, in the start of the film get murdered shortly after we meet her. We only see her a total of maybe four times before she is murdered, however we learn more and more about her character throughout the film from others who have interacted with her. I thought this was an amazing touch that the director incorporated to keep the viewer invested within the film. It was as if the viewer had a personal relationship with Julian as well, so every time she was brought up throughout the film the viewer would feel as though they had lost a friend. I know personally when someone would talk about Julian, “I would think about what their family was like when they had a child? (Julian and Theo’s), or Would they have tried to get back together after helping Kee?” this film also used camera techniques that we had yet to experience like continuous long shots, and actually seeing things on the camera lenses. I thought the idea of the continuous long shot was pretty cool, I didn’t real feel as though it made the film feel more “real” or not, however I did think it was amazing to see things unfold from within the car, from the rider’s perspective. I was not a fan of blood getting on the lenses the two times it happened within the film. I understand the realistic effect it was supposed to have by surprising the viewer with blood on the camera and making them feel right in the mist of the action, making them feel like they themselves could have blood on them. I just did not experience this feeling, instead the blood on the lenses reminded me that I was not right in the mist of the action, I reminded me that the camera was basically a wall between myself and the action of the movie. I really walked away from this movie wondering were females infertile or was it something on the male side and no one knew? Or was everyone just okay with blaming females for the end of the world?


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