Adventageous: Creating Success

While watching the film Adventageous, I tried to keep an open mind because films like this can freak me out. However, in the beginning I was pleasantly surprised at how much I connected with Gwen and empathized with her love and willingness to sacrifice for her daughter. However, I think the film took too much and threw it all into one movie and in ninety minutes it just did not work.

I was constantly confused at the explosion that happened in the beginning. I could not figure out why it was necessary to add that Gwen’s sister’s husband was the father of Gwen’s child. I also could not understand why Gwen’s issues with her parents were vital to the plot line of this film. There were so many different tangents in this story that it was so hard to keep up. However, I do respect Jennifer Phang’s ability to touch on a mother’s love while also pushing the issue of women in the workplace. The fact that Gwen is the most qualified to be the face of the company but cannot be chosen because of her age is something that I think all women can relate to on some level. She also touches on the issue of racism when Gwen must choose her new self and it must be a body that is “universally” accepted, also known as, a white woman.

However, what it boiled down to was that I watched a mother’s undying love for her daughter and always wanting what is best for her, even if it means she won’t be able to see it happen. The sacrifice of Gwen overshadows all those other weird tangents. Now I’m not saying that the end of the movie did not freak me out, because it most certainly did. Gwen 2.0 is something I just could not wrap my head around. It scares me that this is where our future could go with how dependent on technology we are becoming. The word adventageous means creating a circumstance where you or someone can be more successful or effective and that is exactly what Gwen did. It made me think, how far will humans go to become adventageous or get ahead of each other in our never ending competitive nature?


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