A Dangerous Certainty or a Possibly Disastrous Unknown

Sacrifice is a virtue that has largely been lost on the modern world. We execute everyday duties, like taking care of a pet, or dropping a sibling off at school and claim that they are great sacrifices. While these acts take away from our time, they also undoubtedly benefit us in some way, even if it is through something as simple as receiving love from a pet or family member. We also know the outcome of most small sacrifices that we make in day to day life, taking most of the risk out of these social transactions. But what are we willing to sacrifice for the increased possibility of success of those we love? Would we be willing to hand our children to a stranger simply because that stranger said that they had a better chance of providing for our children we did?

The film Advantageous seeks to answer this question in the dilemma presented to Gwen regarding the uncertain future facing her daughter. While Gwen clearly loves he daughter and wants to be close to her, it becomes increasingly clear that she will be unable to provide for her as the film goes on. That is why when her former employer offers her the opportunity to clone her memories into a younger body, but also stresses that this clone will not be an exact mental copy, Gwen is put in a historically poignant motherly position. Much like parents in war zones often have had the choice to either keep their children in danger, but close to them, or give their them up to distant caregivers, with the hope that where they go will be better than where they are, Gwen must choose between a dangerous known and a possibly devastating unknown. The question of what a parent would give up for their child has been played out in cinema and life, and time after time the answer has been that no price is to high for a parent to pay for their child’s prosperity. Advantageous instead shifts the focus to the child that is left behind and forces the viewer to ask themselves, ‘what would you subject your loved ones to in order to ensure their futures are secure?’


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