Simplicity in World of Tomorrow

In Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow, the art style is extremely simplistic. The characters are stick figures, and the landscapes consist of basically a horizon line. The intro scene is literally just a white background and nothing else. Also, to add to the simplicity of this movie, it is less than twenty minutes long. Simplicity is one of the main themes of this movie. According to Future Emily, one of the movie’s main characters, in the future, humans will continue the species by cloning themselves. To the viewer, it seems pretty apparent that with each clone, there is a loss of emotion or self or something you can’t quite put your finger on. With each clone, the person becomes simpler. The memories Future Emily shows Emily Prime are pretty simple: David art exhibit, when Future Emily falls in love with a rock, when Future Emily falls in love with a fuel pump, when Future Emily falls in love with an alien, and when Future Emily fell in love with a clone of David from the art exhibit.

To be honest, I can see technology going towards making our lives simpler, but if World of Tomorrow is where technology is moving towards I want it to stop. Cell phones make it simpler to get in touch with someone across the planet. The internet makes obtaining new knowledge much simpler. Video games make entertainment simpler. Everything technology does for us is to make our lives simpler. One line specifically stands out to me. Future Emily says, “That is the thing about the present. You only appreciate it when it is the past.” This line is a warning of our present becoming Future Emily’s past. The real question is aren’t you afraid of the future being simple? I am, and this movie is the perfect example of why you should be too.


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