Sacrifice and Solitude

Sacrifice, a theme throughout World of Tomorrow and Wall-E, helps to connect the people in these two films. Wall-E makes many sacrifices out of love for Eve that relates to the sacrifices Emily makes throughout her life to continue living. The obvious difference between these acts is that Wall-E sacrifices for the good of others but Emily does for the good of herself. This isn’t to say Emily is being selfish, more that Wall-E is selfless. His love for Eve sharply contrasts the industrial and robotic themes of his existence. His design does not include a heart or soul but through his complete solitude on earth he learned to love anything that offered companionship, even a simple cockroach who could not seem to get crushed.

The isolation Emily experiences in World of Tomorrow results in a love at first for inanimate objects, and eventually for a human descendent of David the art exhibit. Her progression follows a similar path as Wall-E, one which began with him taking an interest in the garbage of former human life and progressing into affection towards another robot like himself.

But why would isolation be the cause of these feelings?

When thinking about this question I called to mind experiences in my life in which I spent time alone in nature. Although I did not fall in love with the inanimate objects surrounding me, an appreciation grew inside of me for the beauty I experienced. This appreciation transferred into a greater love for the people I have in my life and those that I have lost. Wall-E and Emily’s feelings seem strange and distorted but in a broad manner their actions relate to most people.

If these ideas seem ridiculous (which the probably are) then what are some other explanations for these two character’s choices? Are they connected in other ways through our class discussions?


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