Can people be saved from their past?

The movie Magnolia displays how many people have different troubles in life and take desperate actions to try and solve these problems. This leads to the issues only getting worse. No matter what these characters do, nothing seems to make their problems better. The issues usual come from parent child relationship issues that never have been resolved. The movie ends with nondiegetic music playing a song repeating the words “save me” to represent the main idea of this film.

Multiple times throughout the story characters say, “we may be through with the past, but the past is never through with us.” This line is emphasized by the author because the problems in this film all are different, but come from the past of the characters. Humans pasts effect who they become and what kind of life they live. All the main characters had major issues and they needed to be saved from their past.

The guy whose father basically took away his childhood by made him earn money just to spent it all on himself, ended up being a poor worker because his past issue lied in working without reward. He worked so hard as a kid that when he became an adult his role switched and he worked with the same effort most children are expected to put forth to a job. He also was obsessed with getting braces even though his teeth were almost perfect. Braces are usually something children get and the reason the author made him so obsessed with getting braces was to display that his childhood was taken away and he was trying to live it as an adult, which does not work the same way.

Later in the movie when it is raining frogs he gets hit in the face by one and his teeth actually do get messed up. The failing police man helps him get to safety and saves his life. A frog also hits the old man in charge of the game shows, gun as he is trying to kill himself. The frogs fall behind the girl with the drug problem causing her to get up and look out the window so that she has to stop doing drugs. The little boy calls an ambulance for the lady who is almost dead in her car. The ambulance gets flipped over by the frogs. The older man moves again after he is practically dead in bed with his son saying awful things to him. The author uses the frogs to connect all these events in order to show that people from all over have problems, but they are all connected in a way. Frogs are uses because they are not thought of as the cutest or most perfect animals. This symbolizes the humans because they all have multiple flaws.

Everyone needs to be saved in a different way and this movie connects all sorts of problems together. Everyone wants to escape from their past, but struggles in doing so. Claudia mentions that pasts ruin relationships so she wants to get over avoiding the truth. This is a big point throughout the movie because most characters’ problems come from secrets not being released.

Do you think our world is full of people actually like these characters? Other than the frogs falling from the sky is this movie realistic? Does this movie include too many coincidences or does it resemble the weird connections in life well? Can people ever escape from their past?


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