Advantageous: The Bonding Power of Music

Advantageous: The Bonding Power of Music

Music and its influence on people is one of the many themes present in the film “Advantageous”. The first time we see Gwen and Jules, they are sitting close together singing a hymn. The close-up of them singing immediately establishes the close relationship between them. Gwen looks at Jules and smiles as they sing together, a bond forming action. Later on in the movie, we see them singing the same song again. The second time they sing this song, we see Gwen and Jules look at Gwen’s new body and then we see Gwen ultimately die. Singing together is the last thing we see Jules and the original Gwen do together. Through the music, they seem to have a very deep and emotional understanding of each other. This understanding of each other through music is further demonstrated when Gwen starts to play the piano after making the decision to transfer her mind and Jules asks her what is wrong. Jules is able to tell that something is bothering Gwen from her playing the piano. Jules also comes to the realization that her original mother is actually dead through Gwen 2.0’s reaction to music. When Jules plays a song that Gwen usually liked and played to relax, Gwen 2.0 asks Jules to turn the music off. Jules learned that this Gwen was not her mother using music. We also see Gwen 2.0 struggle with playing the piano which again emphasizes that she is a different person. Music was a way Jules and Gwen bonded and it helped them deal with the stressful times they were living through. It also seemed to be a part of their identity. Music was a part of who Gwen and Jules were as mother and daughter.

To what extent does music and art in general connect people and become a part of their identity?


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