What A Happy Day It Is

World of Tomorrow is the first animated short I have ever seen. I liked that the short was very colorful and I thought the use of stick figures was important for the commentary on the use of technology and how it affects humans and robots. The premise is that a future exists where we can essentially birth clones of ourselves so we essentially never die. It seems that the character, Emily, is very concerned with falling in love with things and feeling connected, although she is a clone.

The narration from the third Emily to the Emily Prime explains the world to us, which is nice, but it also is easy to see how in the future the emotional and mental capacity of people is very different from ours today. The third Emily shows that there are people who upload their consciousness because they want to live forever, as if they are extremely afraid of dying. She gives the young Emily advice saying “Live well and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead,” to which Emily Prime says “Okay”. As she does not fully understand.

It ends with Emily Prime sing-songingly saying “What a happy day it is”. It shows that not only does she have childlike innocence, but she also has the capacity to feel, whereas the third Emily does not. It seems as though humans tried to preserve the future and the past so much that they forgot how to be innately human.

It was interesting, recognizing the formal elements in this short, because it was animated. I did think that the diegetic sound was important because the narration was flat and very robotic which gave me the feeling that third Emily was herself flat and robotic. I mean she says she fell in love with a rock and some sort of robot and potentially an alien before finding another clone. She also says that she cannot feel emotion for her dead husband. She just knows that she is very sad sometimes and that she likes that because it reminds her that she is alive. I think it is important that they are stick figures, as mentioned above, because they seem just as flat as they sound. It also contributes to the animation factor and I felt like I was watching a robot recite things over and over again as if it was programmed to do so. There was no emotion being displayed.

While Emily Prime didn’t sound robotic, she did sound like a 3-4 year old child which is important because she doesn’t know a lot about human life, she only knows what she feels and it is in this purest form of human life that we see exactly how far away the third Emily actually is from human.




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