The Colorful World of Fury Road

When you think of a post-apocalyptic movie, what kind of colors pop into your head? The colors that you think of are probably a lot of browns and grays, with the color palette being very dull overall. One of the films we have watched, Children Of Men, is a good example. It is not a colorful film whatsoever, but that is because of the theme and mood of the movie itself. Of course most post-apocalyptic films would have dull colors, it IS the end of the world after all, and I don’t think that Children of Men’s color scheme hurts the film. In fact, I think the colors present in Children of Men were very appropriate. So why is it that a post apocalyptic film such as Mad Max Fury Road would feature such a vibrant and brilliant color scheme?

Fury Road is a beautiful movie. The main color that pops into my head when thinking of the film is orange, which of course would be because of the desert wasteland the film is set in. But this isn’t a dull orange like most wastelands would feature, the desert in Fury Road is a very bright orange that you can’t look away from. Besides the primary orange there are also many other bright colors present. Many of the characters in the film are wearing colorful outfits, with the guys on the dirt bikes being my favorite. When the film transitions to night the primary color present becomes an intense blue, which I also thought was very interesting. There are also some greens present back at the citadel itself, where vegetation is present.

So why did director George Miller decide on this color scheme? I think he did so because it sets the film apart from most other post-apocalyptic movie. The film is already odd and unique as it is, and this color scheme is just another addition to set it apart even further. Do you think the colors present in Fury Road set it apart from other films in the genre?


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