Orange and Blue in Mad Max: Fury Road

In Mad Max: Fury Road, the director uses a very over saturated lighting style, usually tinted blue or orange. Typically, orange is a color used inside, while blue is one used outside. In Mad Max, this is flipped and orange becomes the outside while blue becomes the inside. This creates a reversal of roles for outside and inside. The outside becomes the anxious and the mechanical. The inside becomes more open and calm and environmental. This is done to emphasize the kind of environment the movie takes place in.

In the outside environment, the orange lighting signifies that machines are what rule here. In any fight outside, the person with the bigger car almost always wins. This is the opposite of what is usually expected of an outside environment. In a blue-tinted outside environment, the viewer can expect that strategy would win. The lighting also signifies how the outside is generally connected with calm and is a symbol of freedom. In the movie, the outside is anxious with every thing trying to kill Max. It is also an extreme symbol of slavery with the denizens of the citadel contributing heavily.

In the inside environments, the blue lighting signifies that the anxiously aware and mechanical connotations of the inside should be abandoned, and instead the viewer should feel calm and accepting. They should also expect machines to be thrown to the wind and that human strength and motivation will win out over strategy.


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