Women in the Workplace

It’s clear throughout the film that Gwen Koh will do just about anything to secure her daughter a promising future, even if it means taking part in a new procedure that would result in constant pain and shots every two hours. Despite her experience in the field, Gwen is fired from her position as the face of the Center for Advanced Health and Living because of her age. She is no longer useful because they are marketing the new procedure to a younger demographic. Gwen is obviously intelligent, attractive, and full of talent, yet the only work she can find after being fired is as an egg donor. What does this say about a woman’s place in the work environment?

When Gwen is speaking with Isa Cryer about her position as the face of the company, the scene is filmed in one-shots and eye matching of Gwen and Isa. Eye matching places the two women as opposing forces and works to create a sort of power struggle between the two of them. The scene also becomes more personal for the audience because of how close we are placed to them. Dave Fisher is also shown at the end of the scene at a low angle shot. Men usually dominate the sciences, and this is emphasized through the low angle shot while the two women are shown equally at eye level. The camera angles show men in the workplace in a position of power over women, even though Dave in these scenes is not the one making decisions.

After Gwen’s memories are placed into Gwen 2.0’s body, it is obvious that she does not possess the same warmth original Gwen did. In the scene where Gwen 2.0 is pitching the new procedure to a crowd, the camera shows her from a low angle shot. Selfless suicide for her daughter’s sake, as well as for her own job security, has finally placed her in a position of power. However, the aspect of having the procedure done for her daughter’s future is lost (on purpose) in the transfer. During the procedure, they left out the part of Gwen that loved Jules in order for her to be more dedicated to the job. Women with children in today’s world are often overlooked on the job market because of their dependents, so when the company was able to take away that connection, they jumped at the opportunity.

It is becoming more common for women in the world of Advantageous to become unemployed as they age. Gwen transferring herself into a younger person’s body is an extremist take on the reality women face to obtain and hold jobs. There is a force to drive women back into the home, as unemployed men on the streets are “more dangerous” than unemployed women. Gwen’s only offer for work as an egg donor emphasizes the lack of ability to see women as people; they are viewed as factories and homemakers. While there is nothing wrong with women staying home with their children, the movie comments on how the workplace is leaning more towards putting women out of work and keeping them home. Women no longer have a choice.


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